Mary, a woman of color, for herself and her children, Samuel, and Edward v. Launcelot H. Calvert
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that she has received much other bad
treatment and abuse from some of the
persons who have had her in possession
such as confinement in their negro yards
or jails and while in said yards or
jails refusing to let her all her husband &c

Plaintiff also states that she has two
children one about three years old
named SamuelSamuel and the other an infant
about six months old named EdwardEdward
both born since the time at which she was
brought to this State by the aforesaid Bryson
Stilwell which children and as she believes entitled
to freedom and are free because she was a
free person herself at the time said children were born and the aforesaid children
are now in possession of and held as
slaves by the defendant in this suit and
the plaintiff asks for her children as well
as herself the tender consideration of the
Court and that such order and proceedings
be made and had in the premises as to the Court may deem
fit and proper.
And plaintiff now asks for
herself and her said children in consideration
of their many wrongs and grievances and their
so ignorant and unprotected condition
the tender consideration of the Court and that
[ Judgement ] be had for their freedom and
that herself and children be declared free and
released from the claim or claims of all
persons whatsoever to their services of that
of others of them and that they be and are free persons
of colour.

MaryMary and children by
their counsel

RichmondRichmond Major