Mary, a woman of color, for herself and her children, Samuel, and Edward v. Launcelot H. Calvert
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Please state how old you think said
MaryMary was at the time she came with BowdBowd
to OhioOhio and what her color was


I think MaryMary was between twelve
and fourteen years old from her appearance
and size.
Her colour is what I would call
a dark copper colour not Black or yellow

Question by same - Did you ever see
said MaryMary after she left OhioOhio if so where


I seen said MaryMary afterwards at
AugustaAugusta in the state of KentuckyKentucky and in
the family of said James BowdJames Bowd .

Question by same - How long has
it been since you have seen said MaryMary last


It has been between six and seven years

The Deft atty comes and objects to the foregoing
interrogatories because they are leading and otherwise

Question by atty for Deft - Where you acquainted
with James BowdJames Bowd previous to this coming
to the State of OhioOhio, and where did he reside
immediately preceding his removal to OhioOhio?


I was not acquainted with JamesJames Bowd
BowdJames Bowd before he came to the State of OhioOhio.

I never had seen him.

By same - Where you acquainted with this
negro girl MaryMary before she came to the StateOhio
of OhioOhio, or had you ever seen her anterior
to that time, if so when?

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Answer, I was unacquainted with the girl
and never seen her until she came
to the State of OhioOhio.

By same - Where did you reside during the
years of 1840 & 1 & 2 & what was your occupation


I resided on the farm of SamuelSamuel
Martins about a mile and half from the
Ohio RiverOhio River opposite AugustaAugusta in BrownBrown County
CountyBrown County OhioOhio.
I was farming

By same.
How did James BowdJames Bowd first come
to the state of OhioOhio - was it by steam boat or otherwise,
if by steam boat what was her name &
about what time in the day or night did
she land him in said state.


He came to the State of OhioOhio by
Steam Boat Maysville Packet down the
River between twelve and one o clock
in the day

By same - Did any person besides James BowdJames Bowd
and family get off of the boat on said occasion
and if so who.


There was several of JamesJames Bowds
BowdsJames Bowds family and some other persons
that I do not know who got off of the

By same - Do you know whether MaryMary
was brought to the State of OhioOhio at the time
above alluded to by coercion or voluntary
or how or by whom she was brought
here. Answer I do not know She
came with BowdsBowd Family BowdBowd told me
he brought her to OhioOhio-

By same - What were you doing at the steam