Mary, a woman of color, for herself and her children, Samuel, and Edward v. Launcelot H. Calvert
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To the Judge of the Circuit CourtCircuit Court of
St. Louis County

Your petitioners MaryMary and her
children SamuelSamuel and EdwardEdward most respectfully
state that they are free persons of colour and
now held as slaves by Launcelot H CalvertLauncelot H Calvert of
the city of St. LouisSt Louis and State of MissouriMissouri
and she MaryMary , wishes to commence suit
against said CalvertCalvert the freedom of herself
and her children and that she & they are poor persons
without any property or means of any
kind and therefore she prays the Court for
leave to sue for the freedom of herself and children as poor
persons according to the statute in such
cases provided.

MaryMary a free person of
colour for herself & children
by her

attys RichmondRichmond Major