Mary, a woman of color, for herself and her children, Samuel, and Edward v. Launcelot H. Calvert
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boat at the time referrerd to - had you business
then if so what business had you.


I has no particular business but was down there when the steam
boat came.

By same - What was the height of MaryMary
when she first landed in OhioOhio, at the
time spoken of.


MaryMary was about four feet and
and a half high when she landed

By same - When you well acquainted with
her after she came to the state of OhioOhio and did
you frequently see her during that time.


I seen her frequently

By same - What was her size when you
saw her last.
had she any blemish or marks
either upon her face or person.
Was she delicately
made or would you know her if you
would now see her.


She was perhaps a little over of five feet high.
She would weigh about one
hundred and thirty lbs.
I do not recollect
of her having any scars about her.

I think
I would know her now.

By same.
How long was it after MaryMary left
State of OhioOhio and went to AugustaAugusta Ky, was it when you
saw her last, and was she then entirely grown.
I think it was near two years She was grown
at time.

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By same.
State as nearly as you can her
weight when you last saw her


I suppose she would have weighted
about a little over one hundred and thirty

By same
Where you in the habit of
visiting James Bowd's family or his house
after he left the state of OhioOhio & removed to
AugustaAugusta Ky.


I frequently visited his house while he lived in KentuckyKentucky

By same
Has James BowdJames Bowd any other
negroes besides MaryMary & state their names if so please state
their names.


He has one negro woman and
a child besides MaryMary the child about
eight years old
I do not recollect
the names of the woman or child

By same Was there any other negro or negroes put off of the Maysville
packed in the State of OhioOhio with James
Bowd's family at the time you have
stated that BowdBowd landed besides


There was one negro woman.
I do not know her name.

By same Have you had any conversation
with the counsel for the plaintiff or any other
person in relation to said negro woman
MaryMary recently, if so what was it, and have
you been shown any written questions upon
this subject.