Mary, a woman of color, for herself and her children, Samuel, and Edward v. Launcelot H. Calvert
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I have not talked with any
person about the negro girl recently>
I have been shown the old depositions.

By same
You state you have had
no conversation recently in regard to
said negro, have you had at any time
if so when and with whom and what do you mean
by old deposition.
Are they depositions
of others taken in regard to this same
negro at some previous time


I have talked with different
persons about the negro woman have talked
with Mr. Hastings today.
The depositions referred to were the depositions
taken before about the same woman
and showed to me by Mr. Hastings the
attorney in this suit for plff.

By same You have stated
in your previous answers that you
were well acquainted with said negro
woman MaryMary and frequently visited BowdsBowd
house and family. Now please state in
what manner said negro was employed
and whether she was active, industrious
and sprightly or what her habits were.


She was employed part of the time as
a nurse part of the time in the kitchen.
She was a keen looking girl pleasant looking

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with a smiling countenance She
was of tolerably industrious habits.

By same, Do you state whether she
was of was of industrious or indolent habits

Answer I suppose she was neither

I think she was of tolerable
industrious habits-

By same- was she healthy & stout or
was she delicate & frequently sick?

She was generally healthy when she was grown up she was stout & healthy

By same- You state there was another
negro woman landed in the State ofOhio OhioOhio
with BowdBowd & family at the time he BowdBowd
came to said state. Now state her size
height, color & from appearance probable age & what became of her, answer this
question from you saw & know of
your own personal knowledge
not from what others have told you
and her name:

She would have weighed about
one hundred and forty ponds she was
about five feet half or a little over her colour
was rather mulatto colour I expect she
was about twenty years old from her
appearance -

By same- How long did the last
woman live with James BowdJames Bowd -

Answer -

She lived with him about six
or eight months-