Mary, a woman of color, for herself and her children, Samuel, and Edward v. Launcelot H. Calvert
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& expression of the eyes, quiet spoken or
otherwise, and had she any marks or
blemishes on her person or face that
were visible & if she had any marks or
blemishes describe them, and when you last
saw her was she healthy & stout or delicate.


I would say she was sprightly
quick in her movements lively and pleasant
countenance lively expression of the
eye quick spoken I do not recollect any
mark or blemish her appearance was
stout and healthy when I last seen her

By same - How old was she when you
last saw her?


I would supose she was about

By same - Did James BowdJames Bowd come
with his family to the State of OhioOhio, when
they moved to this State; was their any other
persons besides BowdsBowd family & negroes
landed at that time, if so who were they,
and do you know that then two negroes
belonged to Bowd's family or some
other person & if you do how do you
know that fact.


He was on the boat when they
landed he came off the boat employed
hands to assist him to move - I do not
know how long he staid with his family
there was. there was a young lady by the name
of Racheal Bell no other strangers to my recollection

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(16) I do not recollect any others landing - at
that time - I do not know who the
Negro belonged to that were with BowdBowd .

By same - How do you know whether MaryMary
the Plaintifff in this suit is the same negro that
lived in BowdsBowd family at the time you have
Answer this question from what you
know of your own knowledge & not from
rumor or what others have told you?


I do not.

By same - Where you present at the departure
or removal of James BowdJames Bowd from this
State to KentuckyKentucky - if so who else were present
on that occasion and did you see the
negro woman MaryMary leave with BowdBowd
at that time & how were they conveyed
across the river and by whom.
Did BowdBowd own any
other negroes in Ky either before he
came first to OhioOhio or after his removal
to that State of Ky and if he did how
many and their names & color, and
how, when and at what time did you
see MaryMary after BowdsBowd removal to Ky
was it his house or kitchen or
And do you know whether said
negro came to OhioOhio voluntarily or
was she compelled.


I was not present no further than
I seen them moving across the river I do not
recollect who else was present at that time
I did not see MaryMary this negro woman with
BowdBowd at that time.
They crossed in a ferry
flat I think.
It was himself and some
hired hands - I do not know who - BowdBowd said