Mary, a woman of color, for herself and her children, Samuel, and Edward v. Launcelot H. Calvert
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he said he moved a negro man he seen off
from him he had two other negros [ wheather ]
they were known or not I do not
know, their names I do not know.
She was rather dark colour about eighteen
months after he BowdBowd removed he [ cald ]
on me to do a piece of work in AugustaAugusta
and MaryMary was still living with the
family - as usual doing the domestic
work about the house.
I dont know
wheather said MaryMary came to OhioOhio voluntarily
or not.

By same - were the two negros named
in your answer to the last question owned
by BowdBowd after he returned to Ky or before
and [ where ] they in his possession after
he returned to Ky.
Were they women
men or what?
Were they black, mullatto
copper colored or what was their color
as near as you can tell.
What work
was it that you done for BowdBowd at the
time you have alluded to & did you
board with Mr BowdBowd at the time
you were engaged in said work
if 2d
was [ their ] any person else besides you
boarding in the family at that time, or
was Miss Rachael Bell living with
said BowdBowd at the time named and
if any others living with him at the time
name them

Answer - I do not know. They were in
his possession after he removed to KentuckyKentucky
there was a woman and a small Girl - the
woman was a dark mulatto the Girl was rather

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I was [ reparing ] a [ sellar ] and boarded with
Mr. BowdBowd , while I was engaged with BowdBowd
three days I think.
there was no other
person boarding in the family at that
Miss Rachael Bell was not boarding with
BowdBowd at that time no other persons
boarding with said BowdBowd at the that time.

By same - Had you not frequent
dealings with James BowdJames Bowd and
did they not terminate in an unfriendly


I had dealings with BowdBowd frequently

we had no particular difficulty we had
frequently but nothing serious.

By same - Did you not have some
dispute or altercation with said James BowdJames Bowd
in relation to the price of a House Boat
or the manner of payment for the same
did you not state & think BowdBowd
treated you badly in regard to the
matter & did not his deportment in
relation to that affair excite
unkind feelings for him.


We had a dispute about the price
of the boat and how it should be paid
I thought BowdBowd treated me badly it excited
bad feelings of course.

reexamined by Plaintiffs Counsel

Question by Plaintiffs Counsel
State if you are friendly
with Mr James BowdJames Bowd at the present