Mary, a woman of color, for herself and her children, Samuel, and Edward v. Launcelot H. Calvert
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time and have you at present any
unkind feelings towards said BowdBowd
and have you any difficulties with
said BowdBowd at the present time unsettled


I am friendly with James BowdJames Bowd
at the present time - our old difficulty are
all settled
I do not like said BowdBowd
I have no difficulty with BowdBowd at this

Further this Deponent saith not.

HenryHenry R Hendrickson

Wm Maxwell of lawfull age being produced
sworn and examined on the part of
the plaintiff deposeth and saith

Question by Plaintiffs Council
State if you know MaryMary a woman
of color plaintiff in this case if so
when and how long and under what
circumstances also state all you
know about the matter if you know
any thing.


I know MaryMary a woman of colour
who lived with James BowdJames Bowd but [ wheather ]
or not she is the plaintiff in this case I [ canot ]
tell Said MaryMary lived with James BowdJames Bowd
between one and two years in Brown CountyBrown County
OhioOhio about the year 1840 1 or 2 3 - or about
that time I never was much about their
house have been passing and reposing
several times and seen said MaryMary .
I suposed
her to be a servant but do not know have seen
her at work in the kitchen and nursing James BowdsJames Bowds

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I know nothing about how she
came there

Question by same

State what you [ supose ] the age of MaryMary
was when living with James BowdJames Bowd in
Brown CountyBrown County OhioOhio & describe her size and color
and appearance.


I supose she was from 12 to 14
years of age at that time she was darker
than a mulatto and not as dark as some

Question by same

Did you ever see said MaryMary at any
other place than BowdsBowd house


I do not know that I did I might
have seen her crossing the river.

Question by Dfts Atty - How did you
know that the negro girl that lived with
BowdBowd at the time referred to was named
MaryMary & what was her weight.

Answer I heard the family call
her MaryMary I have heard Mr. BowdBowd call
her MaryMary .
She would weigh from 100 to 120 lbs
I think.

By same - Are you a member of what is called the abolition party in the
State of OhioOhio;


I do not know that I am
a member but I am decidedly opposed
to slavery.

By same - Have you ever voted
for an abolition candidate for Governor