Mary, a woman of color, for herself and her children, Samuel, and Edward v. Launcelot H. Calvert
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of OhioOhio or for President of the United StatesUnited States, if so
when and their names


I do not think I did I voted
for Martain VanBuren in 1848 for President
The above Question and answer objected
to by plaintiffs council as being irrelevant
and illegal and otherwise informal

Question by Dfts Atty: Have you not
consulted or talked with the Atty for the
Plaintiffs in this suit as to the best course to
adopt in the taking these depositions, or
what certain individuals would depose to upon the subject and have you not
informed the Atty for Plaintiff what
questions to put to certain persons would answer and advised
him upon the subject.

Answer -

I talked some with him yesterday
but did not consult with in regard to
the best course to be taken in taking these
depositions I told him Mrs. MorrisMorris would
be a good witness in this case.
I told plaintiffs attorney to ask HenryHenry R Hendrickson one of the
witness in this suit if James BowdJames Bowd did not
eat dinner with him the other day and
if they were not now friendly.
I have not
advised him to ask any other questions.

By same - Have you & James BowdsJames Bowds
not had some difficulty & have you
no unfriendly or unkind feelings for him?


Yes he has held me at spite for two
years we did not speak I do not like his
ways but would do him no injury

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Further this deponent saith not.

Wm Maxwell.