Mary, a woman of color, for herself and her children, Samuel, and Edward v. Launcelot H. Calvert
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HenryHenry Wise of lawfull age being
produced sworn and examined on the
part of the plaintiff deposeth and saith

Question by plaintiffs council
State if you know a colored
woman of the name MaryMary if so
where did she live who did she live
with state the time and under
what circumstances.


I was not much acquainted
I [ new ] two colored persons one a girl
between twelve & 16 years of age the
other I think was between twenty & thirty
years old.
They lived at James BowdsJames Bowds in
Brown CountyBrown County, OhioOhio the oldest one name
I have forgotten the name of, the youngest
one name was MaryMary as I understood
I did not learn the name from JamesJames Bowd
BowdJames Bowd family - could not be positive
about the time when they were in OhioOhio.
I [ supose ] it is some ten or twelve years
since he be first seen there to this side of the
river I know but little of the circumstances
saw her working about the house
was a dark colour but not Black

Question by Dfts Atty - Where do you reside?
Are you not a member of what is called
the Abolition party in OhioOhio? Have you
ever voted for an abolition candidate