Mary, a woman of color, for herself and her children, Samuel, and Edward v. Launcelot H. Calvert
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for Governor in OhioOhio or for President
of the United StatesUnited States if so who were they;
[ where ] you summoned to come
here as a witness or what induced
you to come.
How far do you
live from this place (FelicityFelicity )


I reside in LewisLewis Township BrownBrown County
CountyBrown County OhioOhio about four mile and a half
from FelicityFelicity OhioOhio.
I am an abolitionist
as I understand
I voted for what they
call free soilers for a number of years. I voted
for free soil candidate for Governor of
OhioOhio I voted for [ Martain ], when
he was elected president of the United StatesUnited States
I also voted for [ Martain ] VanBuren as
a free soil candidate for president in 1848.
I was not summoned to come [ hear ] I heard
that they were taking deposition in regard
to this Negro woman MaryMary in FelicityFelicity OhioOhio
I wished, if I could be of any benefit
to the Girl by telling the truth and being
forthcoming my son told me that Esq
Mc Lefurt wished me to come.
The last above question and answer excepted to by plaintiffs
Council as illegal and irrelevant
and otherwise informal.
Further this deponent saith not.

HenryHenry Wise