Mary, a woman of color, for herself and her children, Samuel, and Edward v. Launcelot H. Calvert
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James HendricksonJames Hendrickson of lawfull age being
produced, sworn and examined on the part of the
plaintiff, deposeth and saith:
he is a resident of the town of ClermontClermont County
CountyClermont County, State of OhioOhio; he knows a man
with the name of James BowdJames Bowd , he lived in
Brown CountyBrown County, State of OhioOhio, about the year
eighteen hundred and forty, said BowdBowd moved
to OhioOhio from the State of KentuckyKentucky, and brought
with him, two negroes, one a girl about &
between twelve and fourteen years of age with the
name - MaryMary ; her color was about a dark copper
color; the other was a darker color about between
twenty and twenty five years of age, so near as
he can judge - her name was LucyLucy .

The negro girl MaryMary remained in the State ofOhio

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OhioOhio about two years; I deponent have seen
this same negro girl in the State of KentuckyKentucky about
the year eighteen hundred forty three or four, in Bracker
county in the town of AugusteAuguste ; she was then in
James BowdsJames Bowds family and I deponent was very
well acquainted with the negro girl when she was
living in the State of OhioOhio and in the State of KentuckyKentucky.
Said BowdsBowd moved back from the StateOhio
of OhioOhio - to the State of KentuckyKentucky to
the town of AugusteAuguste .

Deponent stated, the girl MaryMary present
he knows the girl is the same who he deponent
knewst in the State of OhioOhio and in the State ofKentucky
KentuckyKentucky and who lived in the family of said
Mr James BowdsJames Bowds ; the years in which the
girl MaryMary was taken to OhioOhio and brought
back to the State of KentuckyKentucky he could not
state positively, but, it was about the time
as he before stated.

Crossexamination by S. T. Glover for defendant

Question: how long has it has been, since you saw
the girl here present, previous to your arrival
in St LouisSt Louis this week?

answer: about seven or eight years ago.

question: Where you seen her last?

answer: in AugusteAuguste KentuckyKentucky.

question: when you seen her in KentuckyKentucky on
this occasion, how long was you with her
and seen her?

answer: it was about one year.

question: what was about a year?

answer: that I saw her in AugusteAuguste , KentuckyKentucky
the last time.

question: what was you doing in AugusteAuguste
KentuckyKentucky for about one year?