Mary, a woman of color, for herself and her children, Samuel, and Edward v. Launcelot H. Calvert
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Answer: I was living on Mr. BowdsBowd farm in OhioOhio
opposite AugusteAuguste , and was doing work for Mr.
BowdsBowd by days in AugusteAuguste , KentuckyKentucky

Question: You did not live in AugusteAuguste that year?

Answer: no, my family resided in OhioOhio during
that time.

question: How many days during that year, did
you work for said BowdsBowd in AugusteAuguste ?

answer: I dont know how many, but good many.

question: can you give the number of days?

answer: if I should guess, about 60 days
or more

question: was sort of business was you employed
in during this work in KentuckyKentucky?

answer: most every kind of laboring, making
plank fences, and and

question: how do you [ recognise ] the girl MaryMary
here present?

answer: I recognize her by her looks, colour
figure, just as I would any other person
where I was acquainted with.

question: Can you give any other reason for
recognizing her?

answer: no other.

question: do you remember any marks?

answer: none

question: had you much conversation
with her?

answer: o yes, as she was passing in the
house, as any other servants.

question: when was the first time you ever
saw her?

answer: the first time I ever saw her, was
when Mr. BowdsBowd moved to the State of OhioOhio.

question: which was the darker of the two?

answer LucyLucy was the darker.

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question: you observed any difference between the appearance
of the girl here present and the appearance
she had when you saw her in AugusteAuguste the last

answer: I don't see very much difference in her appearance
now, more than she is now a little more fleshy.

question: she was as tall as she is now?

answer: she was about as tall as she is now.

question: was her frame as large then as it
is now?

answer: her frame was about as large then as
it is now>

question: had you much conversation with the
girl here present while you say she was in OhioOhio?

answer: not very much more, than of talking
while passing about in the house of Mr. JamesJames Bowd
BowdJames Bowd .

question: from the time you saw her last
in OhioOhio, as you say, till you saw her the last
in AugusteAuguste as you say, did you see any change
in her appearance?

answer: I saw no change in her
appearance more than she had [ growt ]
some and more heavy.

question: when you saw her last in KentuckyKentucky
in AugusteAuguste was she full grown?

answer: she was then about as tall, as she
is now, and her frame about as large, and she
is now a little more heavier and fleshier.

question: on what business did you come
to St. LouisSt Louis?

answer: I come here on the purpose to
identify this girl MaryMary present.

question: under what circumstances did you

answer: I was send here for that purpose