Mary, a woman of color, for herself and her children, Samuel, and Edward v. Launcelot H. Calvert
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Question: from whom do you expect pay?

answer: not of anybody particular, I look to
my brother for my pay.

question: is your brother the same man who gives
his deposition in this cause?

answer: yes, he is.

question: how much pay you expect to get?

answer: I have to get my passage back and forward
and one dollar a day for my time.

question: is no other contract but that with your
brother to receive the money?

answer: No Sir.

question: do you know whether your brother was acting for
himself or as the agent for some other party
in imploring you to come here?

answer: No Sir I dont know.

question: has not your brother told you, who he
was acting for in imploying you to come here?

answer: he has.

question: Who is it?

answer: he said, he was imployed by the peoples
in FelicityFelicity who made the money up for him.

objected to all these questions
by plaintiff's counsel

Adolph FrehrAdolph Frehr