Mary, a woman of color, for herself and her children, Samuel, and Edward v. Launcelot H. Calvert
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Question: what was Marys size and when you
saw her in OhioOhio?

answer: she was always a heavy, flesh large size
for her and fleshy girl.

question: what was her size as compared with
the girl MaryMary in our present?

answer: she was much smaller.

question: have you seen this girl now present
at any other place than this office since you
come to this City?

answer: I have not, except at the door of this
office when she first got in.

question: have you ever conversed with her,
since you came here?

answer: I never spoke to her except as I said, a good
morning as I came yesterday.

question: when was the last time you saw the girl
before you saw her here.

answer: I saw her about eighteen months after
James BowdJames Bowd left the State of OhioOhio, in the year
eighteen hundred forty three or four; she was
I think about sixteen years of age.

question: [ was ] is the name of your brother, to
whom you have referred.

answer: James HendricksonJames Hendrickson .

Reexamined by plaintiffs counsel.

Question: WillWill your pay be increased or diminished
for coming here by the result of this suit of
MaryMary for freedom?

Answer: It will not according to contract.

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Question: Are you to be paid any more than your
expenses and what you earn by your labor
at home, at one Dollar per day?

Answer: I am not.

question: do you not expect to get a part of the
money you receive, from plaintiffs counsel.

Objected to his question by
defendants counsel.

A Frehr