David McFoy, a person of color v. William Brown
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State of MissouriMissouri

To WilliamWilliam J. Williamson one of the
day police of the City of S. LouisS Louis.
whereas complaint has been made before
me the undersigned Justice of the Peace that
a negro man calling himself DavidDavid McFoy
McDavid McFoy Foy is a runaway slave, and after a
patient Examination of the charge a

gainst said DavidDavid , and the proofs Ex

hibited before me it appears the said
Negro is the property of the Heirs of ThomasThomas F Brown
F BrownThomas F Brown of Preston CountyPreston County VirginiaVirginia

ThomasThomas therefore to command
you to convey and deliver to said
slave to the heirs of the said Thom

as F. Brown or to the persons entitled
to the case of said slave, or to the
keeper of the common Jail of S LouisS Louis
County, and you the said keeper are
hereby commanded to receive the
body of the said DavidDavid and de
tain him until his said owners
shall take him hence and pay all
lawful changes, or until he be oth

erwise discharged according to Law
Given under my hand this 13th dy of December

W. Johnstone Justice