David McFoy, a person of color v. William Brown
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said William BrownWilliam Brown , being duly sworn, says that the
things in the above petition stated are true.
Sworn to and subscribed
this 14th day of Dec: 1849

By Habeaus Corpus

To the Jailor of St Louis County Jail
you are here commanded to have the body
of the slave DavidDavid , in above petition mentioned
before me at the county Jail on this 15th: day of Dec: 1849. together with the case of his

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and your authority for the same in order that justice
and the law may be duly administrator in the
Sworn and subscribed to
before me this 14th day of December 1849
David Chambers
County CourtCircuit Court Justice

In obedience to the command of the above writ
I have here the body of the above named negro
DavidDavid who was committed to my custody on the
13th day of December 1849 as a runaway slave
on warrant from justice Johnstone, which
warrant is hereto annexed and made apart of
this my return this 15th December 1849

G H Jailor
of St Louis County

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