David McFoy, a person of color v. William Brown
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William BrownWilliam Brown
DavidDavid McFoy McDavid McFoy Foy

Before PeterPeter W.

was brought before the undersigned
Justice a Negro Man calling himself
DavidDavid McFoy McDavid McFoy Foy arrested as a runaway way Ne


ThomasThomas Cartwright CartwrightThomas Cartwright being sworn say
that he knows the Negro DavidDavid that
he knew him in VirginiaVirginia and know him
to be a slave and that he is the property
of the heirs of ThomasThomas F Brown FThomas F Brown .BrownThomas F Brown says
he is not mistaken in his identify that
be knows him from his general ap

pearance his size and face, and from
his voice is positive he cannot be

William BrownWilliam Brown being sworn says he is
the administrator of the estate ThomasThomas F Brown FThomas F Brown .
BrownThomas F Brown and Guardian for the children of said
BrownBrown that he has no interest in said Es

tate further than being administrator and
Guardian as aforesaid He knows DavidDavid
has known him since he was four
years old - he is a slave and belongs
to the estate of Thomas F. Brown late
of preston county VirginiaVirginia That the
said Negro man DavidDavid was hired out
about two years ago for the benefit of
said estate and that he ran away from
service I have no knowledge of any mark,
upon him - I know him well he has been
under my charge eleven years, while I

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was over seen for my father - I resident on the
next farm ten years afterwards I can
not be mistaken in the man for I have
known him from his infancy - he is
now about 40 years of age - if he has
any marks he has got then since he ran
away - I know I cannot be mistaken
for he was rasied with me and I know
him as well as I know any of my family
This Negro was willed by ThomasThomas F Brown FThomas F Brown
BrownThomas F Brown to the heirs of Thomas F BrownThomas F Brown
and I am guardian of said children

Officer Williamson stated that WilliamWilliam Brown
BrownWilliam Brown pointed out the Negro to him
as soon as he saw him when he was
arrested at his instance

I PeterPeter WW Johnstone JohnstoneW Johnstone Justice of the Peace
do hereby certify that the above is the
evidence produced before me an the
arrest of the Negro man DavidDavid and
upon which evidance I gave an order
to the office to deliver up the said
slave DavidDavid to BrownBrown or confine
him in the said of S LouisS Louis County
subjected to his order he paying all law

ful expenses

Given and certified this 20th day of December 1849

PeterPeter WW Johnstone .JohnstoneW Johnstone