David McFoy, a person of color v. William Brown
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Also came Ashford Brown of full age who being duly
sworn deposeth and says- I have known a black belonging
belonging to Thomas BrownThomas Brown deceased & since the death of
Thomas BrownThomas Brown he belonged to Thomas F Browns heirs
said negro then called himself David Harris but generally
known by the name of Dave witness recollects a scar
over one of his eyes butdoes not recollect which
thinks he was about 5 feet 11 inches high & had a
tolerably heavy beard & had rather a thin visage
high cheek bones & was rather a dark copper color
witness says he understood DavidDavid obtained the Scar
above his eye from a club in a fight with the
negroes of Col,Fairfax & witness thinks that DavidDavid
had a highbald forehead which run back on each
side of his hand. Witness supposes DavidDavid Would
about about 160 or 165 lbs., rather sparsely made
Witness says he knows of William BrownWilliam Brown being overseer
of said DavidDavid for a number of years & would have
a good opportunity of knowinghim but cannot state
defenitely how long- Witness sys DavidDavid was of
quick speech & takedprettymuch after the [ Tuckeyhoe ]Fashion
And further this deponent saith not

Ashford Brown