David McFoy, a person of color v. William Brown
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Also cameGeorge BrownGeorge Brown of full age who being duly
sworn deposeth and says- I have known a negro
man named DavidDavid belonging to Thomas BrownThomas Brown decd., of
Preston CountyPreston County VirginiaVirginia & since belonging to the heirs
of Thomas F BrownThomas F Brown deceased some 42 years past
until the time he ran away saysDavidDavid is some
5 feet 10 inches high & of a dark copper color his
upper front teeth were a good deal open he had
a scar above his right eye & a Scar on his head
think on the left side but is notpostive thin visage
and slender built man

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witness says he was overseer of saidDavidDavid some 10
years witness also says that William BrownWilliam Brown after
wards took said negro & was oveseer of him some
11 years & was well acquainted with him of that he
could not possibly be mistaken in identifyinghim as
he had the best of opportunities of knowing him
and further this deponent saith not-

George BrownGeorge Brown