David McFoy, a person of color v. William Brown
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Also came. Thomas B. Johnson of full age who being sworn
deposith & says- he has been acquainted with
DavidDavid , a black man of Thomas BrownThomas Brown deceased &
owned at the time he ran away by the heirs of Thomas
F. Brown some 40 years past. he DavidDavid had a scar
over his right eye he is a darkcopper colored negro
he had an open space in his upper front teeth
& had a dark heavybeard- says he DavidDavid , was
about 5 feet 10 or 11 inches high & some what stoop
shouldered- And further this deponent saith not says
that DavidDavid was hired to a man by the name of
in county VirginiaVirginia & that afterwards
and at the time he ran away he was hired to one
JacobJacob Smile, of the county & state last aforesaid
And further this Deponent saith not

ThomasThomas B. P Johnson
his mark