David McFoy, a person of color v. William Brown
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Deposition of witness produced sworn and
examined before N. Buckmaster an Alderman in
and for the city of PittsburghPittsburgh at the office of Robt.
Arthur Esqr. in said City on Friday & Staurday the
9th and 10th of May between the hours of eight
O C. in the forenoon & six O clock in the afternoon of said
days in pursuance of a notice proceeding out of the
St. LouisSt Louis Circuit court of St Louis County and notice to
the Defts. atty and which is hereto attached to be read
in the trial of a cause depending in said Court
in which David McFoyDavid McFoy is Plaintiff & William BrownWilliam Brown
is Defendant on the part of the Plaintiff.

John Thornton a witness on part of the Plaintiff
and of lawful age- & who resides in Allegheny
city being by me first duly sworn doth depose
and say-

I am fifty five years of age- and
am acquainted with a man named
David McFoyDavid McFoy - Have known him since he was
a child- I should think be was about four
years old when I first knew him he was born
in the State of MarylandMaryland- I knew his parents
His mother- was a free woman- her name was
Lizzy HarrisHarris - that was her maiden name- His
fathers name was David McFoyDavid McFoy - he was a
freeman also- I was well acquanted with
the whole family- David McFoyDavid McFoy - moved from
MarylandMaryland to Westmoreland county PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
about twenty five years ago- The Plaintiff DavidDavid McFoy
McFoyDavid McFoy Continued to reside in Westmoreland
County until about five years since- when
he removed to PittsburghPittsburgh- after he came to