David McFoy, a person of color v. William Brown
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as a freeman- had no actions like a slave-
after he quit working for me he went upon
the river as a fireman- he run a good
with my sons who run on the River as
fireman also - He run on the north river & the
American star- and other Boats- Which I dont
remember- I should think it was about
two years since I saw him- The Plaintiff
David McFoyDavid McFoy was in person about six feet
or may be a little over- sparebuild from his feet
to his hips- from that pretty heavy bodied- round
shouldred- his colour was dark- was little
burned in the face with powder which made
some spots on the face darker than the general
colour- was darker about the eyes- His age
I should judge to be forty or perhaps a
year or two over that- There are some
scars about his head- and little bald headed
a scars over one of his eyes- cant now remember which
eye- some scars on the back part of the head & I
think some on the front- He was always con

sidered & reputed to be a freeman -
amd further this deponant saith not

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