Patsy Curd vs. William H. Barksdale
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To the Honorable the Judge of the St Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court

Your petitioner Patsy CurdPatsy Curd respectfully represents
that she & her two children RobertRobert aged about six years and
eminia about ten years old are now held in slavery and
are the slaves of one WilliamWilliam H BarksdaleH Barksdale and prays
permission for leave to sue as a poor person for her
in order to establish her and their right to freedom
and assigns the following reasons

That for five years her master (then DrIsaac CurdIsaac Curd ) required
her to live with him in the State of OhioOhio,
that her desires to leave him, as your petitioner was
then informed & believes, caused her to be bound to him
which your petitioner as she was informed & believes
was impelledtoserve him until she arrived at
the age of twenty one years

That she has fully completed this term being now over
twenty one years of age and that she is a poor person owning no property of any kind whatever
wherefore and that by reason simply of her residence in
that State of OhioOhio by her master's direction,she is the
of OhioOhio give her her feedom she asks persmission
as above that she being free
the said Barksdale has no right to detain her children in
freedom= All of which is respectfully submitted

J.B. Meachum

PatsyPatsy X Curd