Patsy Curd vs. William H. Barksdale
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Deposition of Witnesses taken in a cause pending in
the Circuit Court of the County of St LouisCounty of St Louis state of MissouriMissouri
wherein Patrey Curd, of color, is Plaintiff and WilliamWilliam H BarksdaleH Barksdale is defendant in presence of the notice and
Commission hereto attached, and at the time and place
in said notice mentioned

WilliamWilliam Creighton, of the city of ChillicotheChillicothe , of lawful age
being first duly sworn by me, as hereafter certified
deposes as follows

Question - Was you acquainted with Doctor IsaacIsaac Curd
CurdIsaac Curd formerly of Goochland County VirginiaVirginia, now
residing in the state of MissouriMissouri

Answer - I was I knew him first in the
year 1825, when he removed, with his family to
ChillicotheChillicothe in the state of OhioOhio, where with his
family continued to reside for several years
and practiced his profession â duing his residence
in OhioOhio he and his family were my near neighbors

Question - Do you know whither Doctor Curd brought
with him to OhioOhio a colored girl named PatsyPatsy
and whether he took said girl with him, an his
removal to MissouriMissouri

Answer - I know that he broughts with him a
small colored girl named PatsyPatsy who resided
in his family during the time he livedin OhioOhio
and that he took her with him when he
removed to MissouriMissouri

Question - How many years did doctor Curd reside
with his family in OhioOhio

Answer - I cannot state positively, but to the
best of my recollection and belief he resided in OhioOhio
between five and six years - a part of the time in
ChillicotheChillicothe and a portion of the time on my

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farm five miles from town where he continued
to reside for about two years, within a few years
of my own residence- He was my near neighbour
whelst I lived in town and in the county during
all of his residence in OhioOhio I was very intimate
with him and his family and faith saith not

W. Creighton