Patsy Curd vs. William H. Barksdale
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PatsyPatsy Curd CurdPatsy Curd Plaintiff
vsWilliamWilliam H BarksdaleH Barksdale defendant

In the circuit
Court of
nov Term 1849
St Louis County

Plaintiff states that she is now held in bondage as
his absoulte slave, by defendant and that she is entitled
to her freedom

And plaintiff further declares that inasmuch as she was
free, being I illegally held in slavery at the
time that her two childern RobertRobert aged about six years
and Yamima aged about ten years were born, they are
also free

plaintiff further declares that
for five years she lived in the state of OhioOhio with the per
mission & in the capacity of house servant for her then
master Dr IsaacIsaac Curd CurdIsaac Curd

That this occured about eighteen years ago
that then that she was entitled to her freedom she was
prevented from it, by the fact (as she is informed
& believes) she was bound in apprenticeship agreably
to the laws of OhioOhio to serve the said DrCurd until she
should have attained the age of twenty one years
that she has long since attined this age but she and her
childern are still in servitude she therefore prays
that judgment be rendered in her favor that she
&her two childern Robert &Yemima be declared free

A B Paresche