Laura, a woman of colour v. Henry B. Belt
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the sheriff of said County served upon him
the Copy of the order of this Hon Court hereto
attached. This respondent denies that he
violated any order of this Hon court after
having due notice of the existence of said
order and he denies that he has at any
time done any act or thing in contempt of
any order of this Hon Court and denies
all and each of the statements contained
in the order (a copy of which is herewith filed)
in which this respondent is charged with having
decoyed and moved from the place where she
was confined the said LauraLaura beyond the jurisdi
ction of this Court after having noted that
said LauraLaura was prosecuting her suit for free
dom and in violation of the order of this
Hon Court. The said James ChristyJames Christy hereby
protests that he has not committed any
contempt or knowingly violated any order
of this Hon Court Wherefore he prays to be
hence discharged with this costs .
James ChristyJames Christy the above named respondent on his oath says he believes the aforegoing
answer and the matters therein as stated
are true.

James ChristyJames Christy

Sworn to and subscribed 2nd March 1852

M. S. CerreM S Cerre Clk