Laura, a woman of colour v. Henry B. Belt
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LauraLaura woman of colour Plff suit for freedom vsHenryHenry B Belt Deft

In the St. Louis Circuit CourtCircuit CourtNovember Term 1851

Whereas JoelJoel C RichmondRichmond attorney for the
plaintiff in this cause has filed his affidavit in
the court alleging among other things

That one E CurtisEdward Curtis and James ChristyJames Christy did
on the 16th day of February 1852 decoy said
said plaintiff LauraLaura from the place where she was con
fined & from the jurisdiction of the court during
the pendency of her suit for freedom and with
full knowledge by the said James ChristyJames Christy and
E CurtisEdward Curtis of the orders of this Court that she
the said LauraLaura should not be removed
out of the jurisdiction of the court during the
pendancy of said suit and with full knowl
edge that said LauraLaura was prosecuting her
suit for freedom. Therefore it is ordered by
the Court that the said James ChristyJames Christy & E CurtisEdward Curtis
show cause to said court on Tuesday next the 2nd day of March 1852 at 10 oclock A M at the Court
House of the city of St LouisSt Louis why an attachment
should not issue against them for a con
tempt of the order of said Court in the


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