Laura, a woman of colour v. Henry B. Belt
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and advise what ought to be done
in the premises, and this respondent
states that said Hughes advised
that said LauraLaura ought to be sold
This respondent states he gave no
further attention to the matter as he
relied on the [ advise ] given him by
said attorney.
This respondent denies
that he decoyed said slave from the
place where she was confined and
he denies that he removed said
LauraLaura out of the jurisdiction
of this Hon Court, Knowing that
he was violating any order of this
Court, he states that all that he
did in the premises was as agent
for other and without any knowledge
on his part that he was violating
any law or any order of this Court &
he denies that he has committed any
contempt of any order made by this
Hon Court Wherefore he prays
to be hence discharged .

HudsonHudson Atty