George Johnson v. Reubem Bartlett
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WilliamWilliam H Boyd of [ Lawfull ] age
produced sworn & Examined on the part
of the plaintiff I reside in Birmingham
Alleghany County [ Pensylvania ]

Question Do you know the plaintiff to
this suit George JohnsonGeorge Johnson

Answer I do

Question How long have you known him

Answer between twelve and fourteen years

Question Where was the plaintiff when you
first saw him

Answer BrownsvilleBrownsville[ PennsylvaniaPensylvania ]

Question What was the plaintiff doing in BrownsvilleBrownsville
[ PennsylvaniaPensylvania ] when you first knew him

Answer He was working in a brick
yard with me in the Employ
with one JamesJames Auld

Question To whom was the wages paid for
his labor

Answer It was usually paid to his family
in trade or provision and so
forth I have frequently given him
orders myself

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Question When you say family do you
mean GeorgesGeorges family or his mothers

Objected to

Answer I mean the family he resided with
It was a colored family

Do you know any of the members
of that family besides GeorgeGeorge

Answer I do two brothers and GeorgesGeorges

Question Was GeorgesGeorges mother free or slave

Answer She was free at the time I
speak [ PennsylvaniaPensylvania ] was a free

Question How old was GeorgeGeorge when you
first knew him

Answer I would judge him to be about
fourteen not over that

Question Is the negro George JohnsonGeorge Johnson
of whom you speak now in your

Answer Yes Sir that him pointing
to the plaintiff

Question What was GeorgesGeorges mothers name

Answer I do not know