George Johnson v. Reubem Bartlett
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Question Where does GeorgesGeorges brothers

Answer I do not know

Question Are they bond or free

I [ allways ] regarded them to be free
I do not know but I believe he [ his ]
older than one of them and older than
the other I take GeorgeGeorge from what
I know of him to be from 24 to
26 years of age

Question Do you know GeorgesGeorges place of nativity

Answer I do not

Question Do you know if GeorgeGeorge was
born in a free or slave state

Answer I do not

Question Did anyone ever claim GeorgeGeorge
as his slave during the whole period
you knew him

Answer Never to my knowledge

Question Is he slave or a free man

Answer I always known him as a free

Cross Examination

If you have not

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not known GeorgeGeorge more than 12 to 14
years how do you know GeorgesGeorges

Answer Because she generally looked
after him as a mother do her children
and he called her his mother and
I do not recollect of her calling him
her son I have know GeorgesGeorges mother
about 12 or 14 years I know she
was a free woman living in a free
state and no one claimed her
to my knowledge Deponent says
his age is about 26 years
resided in [ PennsylvaniaPensylvania ] from my
bush up I that my home
I seen GeorgeGeorge on a boat that I was
on running from PittsburghPittsburgh to StSt Louis
LouisSt Louis Seven Years ago
It was on
the steam boat Colorado.
He was fireman. I have been a
witness before when GeorgeGeorge was concerned
here in St LouisSt Louis I was summoned before
the Grand Jury in the July Term 1832 I have seen him off & on the
river for the last Eight years upto
two year previous I have [ mist ] him
and had not seem him until I found
him in Jail in St Louis County
I have never known him to whipped
as to have scars on him if GeorgeGeorge is
a mechanic. I do not know
I have never known him to be a
race rider The colored persons before
mentioned GeorgeGeorge and them [ allways ] called