George Johnson v. Reubem Bartlett
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Andy B Miller of lawful age produced
sworn & examined on the part of the
plaintiff I resided at St LouisSt Louis in
the state of MissouriMissouri I am about to
leave the state in a few days on the
steam boat Honduras. I have seen
the plaintiff to this suit GeorgeGeorge Johnson
JohnsonGeorge Johnson when I first seen him
I was in BrownsvilleBrownsville in the
state of [ PennsylvaniaPensylvania ] in that as been
about Eight years ago the plaintiff
[ than ] was about eighteen years
of age> I dont know what he was
doing about that time GeorgeGeorge
was living then at that time I do
not know how long he lived in BrownsvilleBrownsville
I know his brother IsaacIsaac . I know
his brother IsaacIsaac for 16 years and I know
him to be a free man IsaacIsaac
his brother is older than GeorgeGeorge
Isacc his brother lives in this City
I do not know GeorgesGeorges mother.
When I knew him in BrownsvilleBrownsville
he was reputed to be free man
of color.

A. B. Miller

Sworn to and subscribed before me
1st day of November AD 1852
In tesitmony whereof I have hereunto
set my hand and affixed my official seal

S J LeviS J Levi
Notary Public