George Johnson v. Reubem Bartlett
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State of MissouriMissouri
Saint LouisSt Louis County

In the St. LouisSt Louis
Court of
Circuit Court

George JohnsonGeorge Johnson a free
man of color
ReubenReuben BartlettBartlett

Defendant answers that he denies the
allegation of Plaintiff that he is a free
man of color.

Defendant on the contrary
avers that Plaintiff is a slave and the
legal property of Defendant by purchase.
Defendant further saith he doth not
know where Plaintiff was born nor the
day of his birth nor who were the parents
of the Plaintiff nor has defendant any
knowledge of the place of Plaintiffs birth
or the time thereof or of his parents to
form a belief as the truth of the allegations
of Plaintiff in the above respects in said
Petition. Defendant further saith that
he admits it is believed that he Defendant
took Plaintiff about the time alleged
in Petition as his Defendants slave and
has claimed him as such ever since
and now claims him as a slave by virtue
of a purchase from one A B. McAfee
who accounted a Bill of sale of said
JohnsonJohnson to Defendant on or about the
seventh September 1852. That said
Defendant has lost said Bill of
sale and has no copy thereof but
can prove the contents of the same.
Defendant prays to be hence dis
missed with his costs and charges.

J Bruce Thompson
Defts Atty