George Johnson v. Reubem Bartlett
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George W Kimber, of lawful age, being
produced, sworn and examined on behalf
of the plaintiff deposeth and saith:-
"I reside in BrownsvilleBrownsville, PennsylvaniaPennsylvania.

Ques: Do you know George JohnsonGeorge Johnson the
plaintiff in this suit?

Ans: I do.

Ques: How long have you known him?

Ans: I dont know exactly. I knew him
some time, before he went on the DanubeDanube

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I must have known him a year before
that time.
I I knew ran on the
DanubeDanube at the same time my brother
Job V. Kimber did. Plaintiff was hired
as fireman on the boat by my brother.

Ques: Where did you first know

Ans: I first knew plaintiff in
BrownsvilleBrownsville PennsylvaniaPennsylvania. He was
tolerably small then - considerably smaller
than he is now.

Ques: Are you & plaintiff near of
one age?

Ans: I think we are.

Ques: Did you know him when you
and he were both boys?

Ans: I did, and we played together
many a time.

Ques: What is your present age?

Ans: I shall be twenty three years
old in March next.

Ques: Did you understand plaintiff
to be a freee man or a slave, when you
knew him in BrownsvilleBrownsville?

Ans: I was always under the impression
that he was free of course.

Ques: How old were you when you
first knew & played ball with plaintiff?

Ans: I could not have been over
twelve years old I reckon. We played
ball together.

Ques: Was plaintiff raised in BrownsvilleBrownsville

Ans: I think he was. I was always