George Johnson v. Reubem Bartlett
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under the impression that he was born
and raised in that town.

Ques: Did you intend to state in
addition to saying that you had known
him more than a year before he went
on the DanubeDanube with your brother and
yourself, that you had known him and
played with him in boyhood?

(Objected to by Defendant,
because Plff counsel asked him
the question to reconcile discrepancies
in the testimony.)

Ans: I did intend to say so, and
was going on to state it but I was

Cross Examined by Defendant.

Ques: What is the difference between
the age of yourself & your brother as
near as I can tell?

Ans: I dont know, but I suppose
he is four or five years older than myself
at least.

Ques: How long is it since your brother
moved to Pekin IllinoisIllinois?

Ans: I dont know

Ques: Has it been six months

Ans: No, it is not two months
since he left home.

Ques: Where did your brother
live at the time you speak of knowing
plaintiff in BrownsvilleBrownsville, PennsylvaniaPennsylvania?

Ans: He lived in BrownsvilleBrownsville.

Ques: Did your brother know plaintiff

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at the time you speak of playing
with him in BrownsvilleBrownsville?

(Objected to by Plff counsel as

Ans: I dont know whether
he did or not.

Ques: Did your brother live in the
same family with you & play with
you at that time?

(Objected to by Plff as irrelevant.)

Ans: No, he did not play with me,
but he lived in the same family.

Ques: Was your brother raised in

(Objected to as irrelevant)

Ans: Yes, I think so. My mother
used to say he was.

Ques: How long or about how long
is it since plaintiff was employed on the

Ans: I reckon it has been five
or six years. I cant recollect exactly

Ques: Were your brothers chances
opportunities as good to have known
plaintiff as your own at the time
you speak of having played with him
in BrownsvilleBrownsville?

(Objected to by Plff as irrelevant)

Ans: No sir I think not, because
when my brother was not at work, he
was reading, and I was a boy playing
around town.

I was second engineer on the