Thornton Kinney v. John F. Hatcher and Charles C. Bridges
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was engaged upon the Steamer Cadddo (as he thinks the name was)
Captain Graham, remarked to him that he did not have papers
as would prove him a free man, and charged him with being
a slave, and after talking awhile, he declared that he intended
to hold him as a slave from that time; and he did do so
After that conversation, however, your petitioner left the Caddo, and
went upon several otherboats, and while there he went ashore at
New OrleansOrleans, and was by Capt GrahamGraham His bother
taken to the Caboose, where he was kept orfourdays
withoutany trial they took him to the jail (as it is called) of a
negro trader, where they placed him for sale. Petitioner stated
to them that he was free, had been born free, and had always
been so, when they replied âShut up - you cannot make it
appear, and you are our Slave and we intend to sell you âor
some language. The negro trader who had charge of
him in this way tried several times to sell him, and could not
succeed, for the reason that he would always till any one who
about buying him, that he was free - how he was so -
where he was born &C - At length, afterhavingbeen with the
negro trade about 3 months, the window of the jail House
being left open, he walked out, and was no more mo
lested by them. He remained at New OrleansOrleans about 2 months as , until
he found employment again upon a boat, where he continued
his old occupation by going up and down the MississippiMississippi, and
wherever he could make money. About two years ago, he was
engaged in that way on a Boat running to this place from New OrleansOrleans
when he became acquainted with a negro woman, who had been the
slave of Wm.Moore, but who had bought her freedom, and
he soon married her, and has been living here, as her husband,
ever since - occasionally going on Steam Boats, as he could get
a goodberth, as in the case of the St. LouisSt Louis, with Capt.TaylorTaylor
Since he married his wife, he has aided her in the purchase of
her youngest child, who was a slave, and is laboring to help
her buy others - You Petitioner is well known here to a great
manypersons - he is known at LouisvilleLouisville to many persons - at
Cincinnati, he has many [ acquaintanses ], where he has a brother
also a free man, John Kinney, who is a Cooper - he has another
brother at SulphurSprings, Greenbrier County VirginiaVirginia a free manalso has asisterinCaulfield City OhioOhio who is also free. Theyare all free
for their mother was free, as your petitioner will be able to
establish by the most respectablepeople in StauntonStaunton and Char
lottesville, where he was born and raised - Herepresents himself
to be a sober, industrious man, and has ever been a peaceable,
orderly and well behaved man -

Your Petitioner states to your Honor, that about the 8th or 10th

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seventh day of the present month, he was arrested by one James AJames A .
GuionGuion an officerhere and taken before Justice Johnstone, under the Statutes of
this State who made such representation, on behalf of JohnJohn F Hatcher
F. HatcherJohn F Hatcher negro trader of New OrleansOrleans, as caused the Justice to order
your petitioner incarcerated in prison as a runaway slave -
So your petitioner understands, for he had no opportunity
allowed him of making any [ defence ] before said Justice.
Your petitioner understands that now there is here one CharlesCharles C.
BridgesBridges who has come to St LouisSt Louis from New OrleansOrleans, and as
the agent of said HatcherHatcher , pretends to have abill of sale for your Petitioner
made to Hutcher by some negro trade down there or other person whohad no rightto the and
who is about to obtain or make the attempt to obtain from the
Sheriff under the statutes of the StateRunaway Slaves, the possession of
your petitioner, that be may carry him away, beyond the
jurisdiction of your Honor, and sell him or hold him
in bondage. Your petitioner's counsel, first employed by him,
sued out a writ of habeascorpus before Judge. B. Colf of the
Court, which is returnable this day at nine
o clock - but the said Counsel has been suddenly called away,
and his lawyers now advise petitioner, that he cannot have
his here, such as will authorize him safely to go to
trial upon the habeascorpus, and advice your petitioner to
make this application to your Honor.

Your Petitioner authorized and Charles H Esqs. to telegraph to
his friends for all the facts of record or as theywere fully informed in the matter, and
have the papers certified and forwarded to them -
but there has not been time to receive them. The dispatch
was sent, but there being no office nearerthan,
which is seventy oddmiles from StauntonStaunton , and the preparation
of the proof beingnecessarilyconfided to StauntonStaunton it
may be some time before it reaches St LouisSt Louis. your
petitioner is advised that it will he for him to have
himself identified, which he cannot do here, but which he
can do in VirginiaVirginia, at New OrleansOrleans and elsewhere, but
that requires more time than he feard will be allowed to
him under the habeas Corpus - So that he comesbefore you
Honor as a petitioner for the right to sue for his fredom -
which he now asks of your Honor, based upon his aforesaid
statement, all which he can and will establish by incontrovert
ible evidence, if he be permitted to do so.

Your Petitioner states that he is about to be moved beyond your
jurisdiction by CharlesCharles C. BridgesBridges and oneB. MB M Lynch . LynchB M Lynch , a negro
trader here, and sold into bondange, where he may never have