Thornton Kinney v. John F. Hatcher and Charles C. Bridges
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the opportunity of establishing his freedom - and he therefore asks
yourHonor to make an order on the Sheriff according to law, to
bring him before your Honor upon this application, and he alo asks
a summons against said BridgesBridges andLynch, which shall
cause them to appear and abidee by any order your Honor
may make in the - Thereupon he asks proofs also against JamesJames
Costello,Hisjailorwho had him in custodyas a fugitive slave Your petitionerstatesto your Honor, that hard as it is, and it
is truly , to one who was born free and has ever been so,
and who as such, has always conducted himself with propriety
and been guilty of no crime that can degradehim, to be subjected
to the penalties imposed upon him under the statute by virtue of
which he makes this application - but all this you petitioner is
willing to submit to, rather than be dragged off and bound forever
in chains of slavery, fastened by strangers, who feel
not for him, but only devise to âput money into theirpursesâ-
Your Petitionermakes this matter appliction, no his only hope for a continuance of
the blessingshehaseverenjoyed - blessings enjoyed by others, not more free
than himself, and by them prized beyond life itself -

ThortonThornton Kinney KinneyThornton Kinney
by WillisL Williams & & Bay
his attorneys.