Thornton Kinney v. John F. Hatcher and Charles C. Bridges
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The State of MissouriMissouri

To John MJohn M . WimerEsq. Sheriff of St
Louis County

You are hereby commanded to seize
Thornton KinneyThornton Kinney wherever he may be found,
and bring him before me at Chamber on the
25th instant, at ten o clock A.M. at the room
of the Court of Common Pleas of St Louis County,
and to summon CharlesCharles C. BridgesBridges , in whose pos
session the said Thornton KinneyThornton Kinney is, - to appear
at the same time and place.

Witness my hand this 23rd day of July A. D. 1853

A. HamiltonAlexander Hamilton ,

Judge of the 8th Judicial
Circuit of the State of MissouriMissouri