Thornton Kinney v. John F. Hatcher and Charles C. Bridges
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State of MO
St. Louis County

On this 25th day of July 1853 - the matters
referred to in the above order came on to be heard and was
heard before me, the undersigned, Judge, and the said CharlesCharles
C. BridgesBridges failing to enter into the recognizance required by
statute, it is hereby ordered that the Sheriff of St Louis County
aforesaid, take possession of the above named ThorntonThornton Kinney
KinneyThornton Kinney , and hire him out to the best advantage, from
time to time, during the pendency of a suit for his freedom
this day commenced in our Circuit CourtCircuit Court , and take a bond
from the hirer, according to the Statute in such case made
and provided in the penalty of twelve hundred

A. HamiltonAlexander Hamilton ,

Judge of the 8th Judicial
Circuit of MO.