Thornton Kinney v. John F. Hatcher and Charles C. Bridges
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In the St. Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court

To the Hon.Alexander HamiltonAlexander Hamilton , Judge of Said Court

Your petitioner states, that on the day of July 1853,
he filed his Petition in this Court asking for the privilege
to sue for his freedom - which was granted to him
by your Honor, and his petition has been filed in
this Court against John F. HatcherJohn F Hatcher & CharlesCharles C.
BridgesBridges returnable to the November Term 1853, thereof - In granting to this petitioner the right to sue
for his freedom, your Honor made the legal orders to
the Sheriff provided for by statute - and no bond having been
excuted by those who pretended to claim your Petitioner
as a slave the sheriff proceeded to hire him out, and
he is now in the possession of D. D.MitchellEsq.
to whom the Sheriff hiredhim. Your petitioner states to
your Honor that he is greatly in need of clothing, not
only to make him comfortable - but he absolutelyrequires
such garments as are necessary to his decency and
protection from the of the weather - He is almost
without clothing - and the law seemsnot to have made
any provision for such matter a state of case. You
petitioner states that the defendants in his said suit, who
pretend to claim him as a slave, are non
residents - They livein New OrleansOrleans in the State of
LouisianaLouisiana and he has had no opportunity to serve
them with any notice of this application - nor does
hebelieve that he can serve them with such notice
before he will be actually suffering for ordinary
garments to cover his nakedness Your petitioner
prays you Honor to make are order that he be furnished
with clothing by the Sheriff by the gentleman who
hires him - to be paid for out of the proceeds of his
suit - and as in duty bound he will ever pray.

ThorntonThornton Kinney KinneyThornton Kinney
by Bay & Havens& WilliamsWilliams
his Attorneys