Thornton Kinney v. John F. Hatcher and Charles C. Bridges
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truth, were reduced to writing by my clerk A Commandence
, at my request, in my presence, and under - my immediate
superintendance, and were respectively subscribed by the
Said Witnesses and taken between the hours of 8 o'clock
A.M. and 5 o'clock P.M at the time and place
and on the day and date set forth in the caption hereof
Snd that they were not out of my possession after they
were thus signed and scaled up until they were
deposited in the post office in the said City of New OrleansOrleans
by me
In faith whereof I grant these presents
under my signature and seal of office, on the day and
date aforesaid.

WmWilliam Christy ChristyWilliam Christy

Fees $ 5 - Paid by Defendants