Thornton Kinney v. John F. Hatcher and Charles C. Bridges
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ThorntonThornton Kinney KinneyThornton Kinney of Colour
JohnJohn F Hatcher FJohn F Hatcher .HatcherJohn F Hatcher &
CharlesCharles C. BridgesBridges

In the Circuit CourtCircuit Court
of St Louis County November Term A.D. 1853

Plaintiff states that he has even been a free man, that
he was born free and that his mother, one AmyKinney was
a free woman of Colour born in LouisaLouisa County VirginiaVirginia and
that her mother was an Indian, also free - said plaintiff was
born in Charlottesville VirginiaVirginia - He further states that while very
young he removed thence to StauntonStaunton VirginiaVirginia and there was apprenticed
to one J. J. Kennedy, a Tanner&Shoemaker, at the age of 21
he obtained his certificate of Freedom from his guardian one
SamuelSamuel Clark and soon after left VirginiaVirginia and came to
the West and South, where after working some years on
Steam Boats, he left for LiberiaLiberia on the Ship at the
of the ReverendW.Fenly- returning there after about
five years absence to the United StatesUnited States, he resumed his on
Boats, as steward, cook & other employments, and
engaged with a exception, until about the seventh of July 1833when he was by one JamesJames A AJames A .on behalf
of one of the Defendants - JohnJohn F Hatcher FJohn F Hatcher .HatcherJohn F Hatcher and was then incarcerated
in the Jail of St Louis County at the [ instance ] of said
the agent of said JohnJohn F Hatcher FJohn F Hatcher .HatcherJohn F Hatcher . And the said JohnJohn F Hatcher
FJohn F Hatcher .HatcherJohn F Hatcher by his other agent one CharlesCharles C.BridgesBridges has obtained
posession of the said plaintiff by false representation the
said plaintiff always having been & now being a free person and
he states that the defendants held and still holds him in slavery
wherefore he prays that he may have his freedom secured to
him by due Course of law and that the defendants and
others whose names he is unable to state but who are
instrumental in holding him in bondage may be brought to
answer for the wrongful holding in slavery of him the said
ThorntonThornton Kinney KinneyThornton Kinney

ThorntonThornton his X mark Kinney