Mount St. Mary's College to the use of Louisa Mahoney, a woman of color v. Francis B. Jameson and Edmund H. McCabe
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The Court being of opinion that the foregoing
petition contains sufficient matter to author
ize the commencement of a suit, It is ordered
First, that the said petitioner be allowed to
sueSecond That the said petitioner have
reasonable liberty to attend her counsel and
the Court, as occasion may require that
she be not removed out of the Jurisdiction
of the Court and that she be not subjected
to any severity on account of her app
lication for freedom. And further the Court
being satisfied from the affidavit annexed
to and filed with the said petition, that
the said petitioner is a poor person and
unable to prosecute her suit and pay
the costsandexpenses thereof it is ordered
that the said petitioner be permitted to com
mence and prosecuteher actions as a
poor person

March 11th 1864

A true Copy of the order

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