Mary Davis v. Samuel B. Bellis
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MaryMary of Color
otherwise called
MaryMary DavisDavis
SamuelSamuel B Bellis BSamuel B Bellis .BellisSamuel B Bellis

In St. Louis CircuitCircuit Court
CourtCircuit Court
April Term 1855

St Louis County SS.

The plaintiff
states that her name is MaryMary
though she is also called &
by the name of MaryMary DavisDavis -
that she was formerly owned
& claimed by John TJohn T Moore . MooreJohn T Moore in
the County of St LouisCounty of St Louis - that said
MooreMoore by his deed in writing
duly executed & proved &
date January 14 1852manumitted
& set free the plaintiff & by that
deed of manumission she became
& is entitled to her freedom - A
duly certified copy of said deed
is filed herewith marked

the plaintiff says that she is held
in slavery & deprived of her
freedom by the Defendant SamuelSamuel B Bellis
B. BellisSamuel B Bellis in the Court of St LouisSt Louis

The plaintiff says that she is poor
& wholly destitute of money or property
& she asks that she may be allowed
to sue as a poor personto Establish
her right to freedom

Jeremiah F. Young

MaryMary X her mark