Richard Clinton v. John Blackburn et. al.
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State of MissouriMissouri County of St LouisCounty of St Louis Ss
RichardRichard Clinton ClintonRichard Clinton (of color) commonly called ClintonClinton Plaintiff
John Blackburn, EdwardEdward M Blackburn M BlackburnEdward M Blackburn , Martha
A.Blackburn Charles A Blackburn & Rufus C
BlackburnBlackburn and EdwardEdward Hall HallEdward Hall curator of the estates
of the said Montha A. Charles A. & Rufus C.

In the St Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court
September Term 1859,

The defendant EdwardEdward Hall HallEdward Hall impleaded
as the curator of the estates of Martha A. Charles A .
and RufusRufus C BlackburnBlackburn , Answering for himself
alone says, He admits that he has at one time
been the curator of the estates of the said Martha
Charles and RufusRufus , under and by virtue of an
appointment of the Probate Court of St Louis County
on or about the day of 1850 or 51,
But he says that he is not now such curator-
that the said Martha Charles & RufusRufus , having attained
to the age of fourteen years, on the day
of August 1859, chase for their curator in
his stead the defendant John FBlackburn
and the said John was accordingly appointed by
the Probate Court to that trust & has undertaken the
same, And that this defendant has accounted
with the said John BlackburnJohn Blackburn , as such curator

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And has delivered to him all the property remain
ing in this defendants hands of the said
Martha, Charles, & RufusRufus and
the rest the petitioner

He denies that he holds or ever did hold
the petitioner unlawfully as a slave, he never
had any other of him, than as curator
as aforesaid, under and by virtue of the
Sheriff of the said Probate Court of St LouisSt Louis Co

With regard to the other statements in
the petition, this defendant says that he has
not sufficient knowledge or information, either
to admit or todeny the same

And now having fully answered he
prays to be hencedismissed

EdwardEdward Hall HallEdward Hall