Richard Clinton v. John Blackburn et. al.
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In the St Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court .
February Term 1859

Saturday March 7th 1859.

Richard ClintonRichard Clinton (of color)
commonly called ClintonClinton
John Blackburn, EdwardEdward M Blackburn
MEdward M Blackburn .BlackburnEdward M Blackburn , Martha
A Blackburn, Charles A
Blackburn and RufusRufus
C BlackburnBlackburn and EdwardEdward Hall
HallEdward Hall curator of the estates
of the said MarthaMartha A AA Charles
CharlesA Charles AMartha A and RufusRufus C.

Now comes the plaintiff
and files a petition for
freedom and also an
application for leave to
sue as a poor person, and
it appearing to the satisfaction
of the Court that the
petition contain sufficient
matter to authorize the
commencement of a suit,
it is ordered that the said
plaintiff be allowed to sue as a poor person, and that
he have reasonable liberty to attend his counsel and
the Court, as occasion may require, and that he be
not removed out of the jurisdiction of this Court and
be not subject to any severity on account of this
application for freedom.

A true copy of said order,
State of

Witness, StephenStephen Rice, Clerk of
the St Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court , with
the seal of said Court, hereto affixed,
at Office, in the City of St LouisCity of St Louis this
7th day of May 1859.

StephenStephen Rice Clk