Louisa Lewis and George Lewis v. Henry N. Hart
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LouisaLouisa alias LouisaLouisa LewisLewis Plaintiff
HenryHenry N HartN Hart defendant

In St Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court
February Term 1860
St Louis County SS.

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Defendant in answer to plaintiff petitions, admits
states, that it is true as alleged by plaintiff in her petition
that he defendant is administrator of the Estate of Elizbeth
Dickson deceased, and that he such administrator
claims the prossession of plaintiff and of plaintiffs child
Geroge as slaves of said Estate of ElizabethElizabeth Dickson decea
sed, Defendant further answering states That he has no
knowledge or information sufficient to form a belief
as to whether or not the plaintiff was purchased by her
mother ElizabethElizabeth Dickson on the condition that she should
be emancipated or that she was subsequently eman
cipated by the said ElizabethElizabeth Dickson as alleged. Defen

dant further says that He has no knowledge or informat

tion sufficient to form a belief whether or not 17 years
have elapsed since her plaintiffs emancipation, or whe
ther during all that period, and up to the time of the
[ disease ] of her Mother she plaintiff and her child were
always considered and regarded as free persons and
as such conducted themselves, or whether this was
with the knowledge and consent of the Mother, the said
[ Elisabeth ] Dickson, of all of which defendant asks for
proof, Nor has defendant any knowledge or infor
mation sufficient to form a belief as to whether
or not her said son GeorgeGeorge was born subsequent

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to the date of plaintiffs alleged emancipation by her
Mother. Defendant for further answer says, that
said Plaintiff is not entitled to her freedom or the
freedom of her son GeorgeGeorge , and that they are legally
& properly Slaves belonging to the Estate of Elisabeth
Dickson or Dickenson deceasers, Wherefore defendant
prays that the plaintiff is not entitled to any judgt
of any kind, whatever against him & prays Judgment

HenryHenry N HartN Hart
in proper