Louisa Lewis and George Lewis v. Henry N. Hart
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LouisaLouisa LewisLewis - Plaintiff
HenryHenry NN Hart HartN Hart Defendant
St Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court

Be it remembered that on the trial
of this cause plaintiff introduced
as a witnessGeorge WGeorge W . who
testified as follows-

I knowLouisaLouisa (plaintiff) have
known her for twelve years I think
in St LouisSt Louis. think she has lived all
that time here - Dont know of
her living Know her mother
LizzeDickson - she died last summer
I think - for many years pastLouisaLouisa
has lived on an alley between &
Biddle and 12th & 13th Streets - I think
keeping house for herself. her Mother
did not live with her never did to
my knowledge

Question - In what way did plaintiff
live and act during her mothers
life objected to by defendant over

Answ - for the last five or six years
she has lived in that alley alone &
managed her own affairs she
did washing there - I dont know

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for whom. I saw her often on street with
baskets of [ clottins ]

Plaintiffs mother lived on 6th street
between OFallon&, plaintiff
had her son living withher, dont
know his name but think it is
GeorgeGeorge - know the boyvery well his
color is nearly white - don't of my own
knowledge know of that boy going
to school - I know plaintiff was at
Chicago - I think in 1856 to but not
positive as to the year do not know
howlong she remained there her husband
lived at Chicago at this time - Knew
she went & Knew her after her return
She was two or three months ago
livingwhere I spoke of before this
her mothers death. Dont know that
I ever saw her & her mother together more
than once or twice- When plaintiff
returned from Chicago her husband did
not return with her I knew her mother
I knew her twelve or thirteen years
She lived by herself & owned I think the
house she lived and died in

CrossExamined I only know of plaintiff
going to Chicago - the purpose of going
I only learned from her & her mother