Louisa Lewis and George Lewis v. Henry N. Hart
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John Hon.for plaintiff certified -
Ihaveknown plaintiff ten years.
did not know hermother- plaintiff
has lived here all the time I have
known her. on ally I think between
12th & 13th streets - part of the time she
had a husband who belonged to me & a
son named GeorgeGeorge . she washed for
different persons on her own account
she went to Chicago - she went to see
her husband. I knew her husband
whom I freed - I knew of a corres
pondence between them. letter passed
thro my hand. I was Mayor of this
City at the time - plaintiff applied to
me for a pass to the
I as Mayor had given her
a pass as a free woman to live in
this city - I also gave her a pass as a
free person to crossthewhen
she got this passI required a writing
from her mother. she brought it
& I then gaveher the pass as a
free person. her husband is dead
after plaintiffs return from Chicago
she lived where she now lives with her
son- she has money on deposit
I knew of some $ 500 or $ 600. I knew
of her having deposit account at the

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Bactmans savings Institution >supplied>her
deposits now in her own name
I have made deposits for her. all
her transactions I have known were
in her ownname - witness identifies
plaintiff present in court


What I have stated is my any
of knowledge that this woman is free

witness testified
I have known plaintiff between 8 &
9 years - knew her Mother LizzieLizzie Dickson
have known her 18 or 19 years - she is
dead - she died in between 10th & 11th
streets - she owned the house it now in
leased ground. I suppose she owned the
property she about her - she died
July 4th 1859. plaintiff livedon an
alley - I never saw any one living with
her but her son GeorgeGeorge and her husband.
I saw GeorgeGeorge going to school - he went to
common school with white children. Dont
think I ever saw plintiffs mother at
her homenor plff at her mothers house
plaintiff supported herself & child - she
worked hard - washedforherself