Louisa Lewis and George Lewis v. Henry N. Hart
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her husbands name norLewisLewis
I know whenLewisLewis went to Chicago-

& when plaintiff went there
18 months or two years ago. cant tell
how long she was gone there - she camelb/> back after her husband died there
& during all the time I have know her
she worked for herself & supported herself -
I knew her mother. did not know whether
she was a slave a not she passed as a free
woman - She lived many years on
and on 6th streets. I often saw her in the
riding out - from 6th she
moved to housewhere after a
month or two she died

Question- State whether during the life time
of plffs mother you heard her say to plff anything
as to whether plff wasfree or slave
objected to overruled & exception

Answer - I did about 3weeksbefore she
died hear her mother say that LouisaLouisa & her
sonGeorgeGeorge were free at her death
I met her at market & asked her what
was going to dowith plff & GeorgeGeorge - she was
at market seemed nervous - she said they
werefree at her death. she said she was
then livingwith her daughter until she
could get possession of her house

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I was in her house which I forgot before
I made the shroudJuly 4thLouisaLouisa came
for me to do it - plffs mother said she
& her child should neverserve any body
after her death - This was at the corner
of Riddle street & alley - I asked her
whatshe was going to do with LouisaLouisa &
GeorgeGeorge when she died. she said they were
free at her death - she said nothing about
her property - I asked her nothing about
it. she lived with LouisaLouisa 6 or 7 weeks
I think & then she moved to her own
house. plff still lives at same house
& lived there all the time except when
she was in Chicago -

Cross Examined

LizzieLizzie certainly said LouisaLouisa & her
child should be free at her death.

LucindaLucinda Miles - testified

I reside on 13th street between &
Riddle streets & have known LouisaLouisa
for 8 or 9 years. she lives in the
with me - I knew her mother 4 or 5 years.
she lived on 6th street & between between
10th & 11th strrets & there died - plff was
married. I know her child GeorgeGeorge -
plaintiff lived out of this state with